PromoBox Ltd. was founded in 2010. Our business goal is to provide gift boxes – as a special tool of marketing communication – to new mothers shortly after giving birth, at the midwiferies of almost all the Hungarian hospitals nationwide. The BabyBox is distributed in person by the nurses of the midwiferies to the happy new mothers a few days after giving birth. Our company compiles the contents of the small gift boxes based on the demands of the Mothers, the hospitals and our partners. The gift boxes – beyond the feedback that they mean a pleasant surprise for the Mothers in the very first moments – through the information they bearing are providing great help in this life momentum full of changes. The BabyBox contains our baby care booklet, called Édes Kisbabám, with a helping hand during the first year with full of information.

The PregnancyPacket based on the same method as BabyBox, but this packet addresses Mammys and Daddys from the first moment of pregnancy in order to inform and prepare the young families. The packet contains samples, booklets, magazines, coupons etc., helping mammys in this new period of their life. The box can be found in the Alma Pharmacies Chain, in more than 150 pick up point in Hungary. 

Our other service, what interfuses the pregnancy period and “having baby” period, called My Sweet Baby mobile application, where the mammys can find useful informations, adviced from the conception until the baby’s first birthday. The application has belly/baby diary, can be managed with added pictures and descriptions about activities and it also has different kind of useful parts, like adding telephone numbers, calendar taking notes about days, moments and the week in week out/ month in month out part where the mammys can follow the baby’s growth.






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